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Oct 13 2013 Texas Teens stori
Sep 29 2013 Texas Teens
Sep 22 2013 Texas Teens stori
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Host                           : Sai Sammitha Cheruvu

Tori Show(s)              : Texas Teens STORI

Zodiac                        : Cancer

Occupation                : High School Student

Location                    : Houston, Texas, United States

Education                  : High School

Talents                      : Kuchipudi and Bharthanatyam Dance, Karnatic Singing, viola, veena

Passion                     : Kuchipudi Dance 

Hobbies/Interests    : Dancing, Singing, Playing the Viola and Veena, collecting Jewlery

Likes/turn-ons          : Music and Dance

Dislikes/turn-offs     : Picking scabs 

Favorite Quotes       : Dance as if no one is watching

Sing as if no one is listening

Love as if you have never been hurt

Live as if heaven is on earth

About Me                   :  Determined High School Student in Houston, Tx living life to the fullest :)