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Host                                      :Swetcha
TORi Show(s)                      : TRAFFIC JAM....(but not for  fun ride..;-)..)
Zodiac                                   : LEO
Occupation                           : RJ\'ing
Location                                :Hyderabad,India.
Education                              :B.Tech (Mechanical)
Talents                                   : Dancing..Singing....
Passion                                   :Navvatam.....Navvinchatam.....Navthuney undatam
Likes/turn-ons      : Listening music , Playing with kids.
Dislikes/turn-offs                   : Liers..
Favorite quotes                      :1.Friendship add its flavor to almost each n evrything.. :)...(So be my friends)
                        2.Success doesn\'t come to you?you go to it....  :);
About me:                                : I love being criticised ’coz it gives me an opportunity to analyse and understand myself
and tranform into a better person - a good eg. You guessed it right! I’m talking about the freedom girl- swetcha..,
known for her smile, spontaneity, humour..