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TORi Show(s) : Kolaveridi with Murphy

Zodiac              : LIBRA

Occupation     : IT MANAGER

Location          : BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA

Education        : B. Arch; M.Tech; MBA

Talents             : World Class Event Organizer and think I am talented

Passion           : Provide World Class Platform for Aspiring Talent People, Music and

                           Produce a Film

Other hobbies/interests : Singing, Playing any and many Percussions

Likes/turn-ons : I like Peace and Unity and what turns me on is women and politics

Dislikes/turn-offs : Talking on your back

Favorite quotes : My own quotes “Never give up in life. Respect in what you believe in and

                              you will be respected”

Favorite books/authors : Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen

About me:


Cultural Ambassador for Indian American Community (Recognized by State of California Governor\'s Office) on 18th November, 2011.

Born in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA, in a family of artists, Srinivas MurthyManapragada was influenced by music and arts at a very young age, thanks to his father, Janapada Brahma Shri Manapragada Narasimha Murthy, the internationally renowned singer and Folk Music Scholar of Andhra Pradesh. Inspired by his family, sharing his father\'s dream of creating awareness in people, giving them the insights of present situations and problems faced by not taking right decisions at right time and getting close to the people, know their problems and choose a mode to address these issues and problems. Srinivasa Manapragada right from his teens with the guidance of his Teachers, Elders had zeal towards working for the social causes. India is a super power now; did it bring any change to the present system of bureaucratic rule?

Srinivasa is set to explore more into the downtrodden worldly issues, to find a solution and got motivated by Mother Teresa and his Social Services and looking forward what ever it takes to see a change for his motherland. Mr. Srinivasa recently got acclaimed and entered into Guinness Book of World Records as part of the team in perpetuates the Indian culture. As a Singer, actor and an accomplished percussionist. He also plays Indian folk drums, Western and African percussions.

Although Srinivasa is a recognized Architect and Planner, he ventured into Information Technology to be with his family in Silicon Valley. He says “… I never have compromise my hobbies with my profession.” Srinivasa has conducted many Cultural Shows, Fund Raising Shows and Fashion Shows to encourage amateurs to show their talents. To his credit he has over 50 models and amateur singers to the film and fashion industry. Many of who have found avenue into the profession of modeling, anchoring and acting. Srinivasa was himself an actor and producer working for the drama serials portrayed on TV including ETV and GEMINI TV (South Indian Channels).

Mr. .Srinivasa MPC Manapragada helped many non-profit organizations in India, UK and USA, who work for the cause to bring the awareness of music, art, culture, tradition and education. He has given numerous performances on Aids Awareness, Drug Abuse, Women Empowerment, and Education for Underprivileged. He is now sternly volunteering his efforts to bring in the awareness in American born Indians.

He has been recognized by the National Academy of Arts and Science of India and has been nominated for Bharath Nirman Excellence Award in 1998 and Vikas Ratna award in 2000 by Government of India. Another feather on his cap is the fact that the London School of Music and Drama, UK, have recognized his services to the music industry in 2001.

He is presently working on a Mission. As a Community Leader and very active in campaign process. He always feel that he is young. That’s his strength. That also reminds his dad saying “Keep your mind young, you will always be young" - When you have that power, you are energetic to take any task easily and as age come you will add you experience to it. Successfully conducted World Class Three Guinness World Record Events in Bay Area , California, promoting and creating cultural awareness in the community.

Apart from English, Hindi, Telugu, he can also speak and understand Punjabi, Marathi, Guajarati and Spanish. His experience, friends, well wishers and family are his strength. 

Cultural Ambassador for Indian American Community ( Recognized by State of California Governor\'s Office )

Vice President - Publicity Broadcasting - Psymphony Radio and Psymphony TV – a division of an Event Production Company called Psymphony ™ 

Member in National and Local community groups 

Volunteer Member- Telugu association of North America TANA

Life Member - Silicon Andhra 

Volunteer Member - Bay Area Telugu Association   

Volunteer Member- Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation

Volunteer Member - Indian Community Center ICC  

Volunteer Member- Federation of Indo American

Volunteer Member- Indo American Chambers of Commerce

Volunteer Member- TIECON

Member- Democratic National Committee ( President Obama Campaign Committee)

Executive Member- Council of Architecture

Executive Member - Indian Institute of Town Planners

Executive Member- Indian Institute of Architects

Expert Member- Center for Architectural Research Department - Church of South India -   School of Architecture and Planning.

Expert Member- Tourism of Andhra Pradesh- India.

"Never give up in life. Respect in what you believe in and you will be respected."