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May 19 2015 Cheyutha (Ikamathyam Mahabalam Natika)
Apr 21 2015 Allari (Bhaktha Prahlada Natika)
Apr 14 2015 Cheyootha
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Host : Sravan Kumar Patnaik Rayagada

TORi Show(s) :  “Giving and Gratitude” on Alternate Sundays

Zodiac : Taurus

Occupation : Software Professional

Location :  Des Moines, IA, USA

Education : MCA, Pursuing MBA from DeVry University, Chicago

Talents : Anchoring for the Telugu events, Participate in TV discussions. Acting (English, Telugu dramas and Short films), Writing Parodies for famous songs, remembering the historical facts (I remember all the US presidents along with some facts)

Passion : Entertaining others, Knowledge sharing, Volunteerism, Personality development, media, Concrete discussions.

Likes/turn-ons : Movies, Volunteering activities, books, Meetings and gatherings, connecting with new people, listening to Audio books and Radio, surfing videos from YouTube.

Dislikes/turn-offs : Nothing specific. I try to figure out the root cause of dislikes if any and make sure to take it out of my list of dislikesJ. Some times they turn out my likes too (I don’t like Ghantasala, Art movies, Classical music when I was young now I like them very much)

 Favorite quotes :  Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.

Favorite books/authors : Bammera potana, Vemana, Srinadhudu, Gurajada, Sri Sri, Vamsi Sr,  Sriramana, Ramana(bapu), Yandamoori Veerendhranath, MBS Prasad, Kalipatnam Rama Rao,

 In general I like the books on Autobiographies, Biographies, Personality development, Volunteerism, Money management, Visual arts, History, Telugu literature, Philosophy, Devotional and spiritual, Psychology, Editorials and Articles on current politics and issues.

About me : A comment from a friend,

1. Sravan is ready wit and enthusiastic to do something new and different.

2. Don’t know time, when you are around. You are too talkative and good for RadioJ.