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Sep 29 2013 Balanandam
Jun 25 2013 Hasya Sumalu
Jun 18 2013 Hasya sumalu
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Host                         : Sucharitha Addanki
TORi Show(s)        : Hasya Sumalu
Zodiac                     : Cancer
Occupation            :RJ in Internet Radio
Location                 :Dallas,Texas
Education             : B.SC.  PGDMISCA
Talents                  :Strong Telugu oratory skills,Scripts writing
Passion                : Singing, Dancing,
Other hobbies/Interests    : Reading  books,Web browsing.
Likes/turn-ons          :Self-confidence ,Hard working,fun loving
Dislikes/turn-offs     :Dis-honest,Untruthful
Favorite quotes        :Always think Positive to achieve your goal.
Favorite Books        :Yandamuri rachanalu.Vijayaniki 5 metlu
About me                  : Passionate to make carrier in communication in media field have a good amount of experience in daily live shows on internet radio.I have completed VANI certification course in All India Radio which has given good insight into different departments in Radio field.